Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Slow, cold foggy days

I took this picture with my phone this morning on my way through the campground.  It's got a mohawk and a grass skirt...we had campers a few nights ago from a wilderness therapy class.

It's been very slow, foggy most days and cold, but so far it hasn't snowed.  I saw frozen frost on my way to work this morning but I was warm in my Jeep drinking coffee so that made things a little nicer.  The frost was pretty, we don't see that very often.  There are always flocks of birds in the highway and I'm always afraid I'm going to hit one.  I think they're juncos but I don't get a good enough look to really tell.

Yesterday a visitor came in and asked me if I get scared way out here and all alone.  I told her there are really no people around to be afraid of, because in the visitor center in the park that's all there really would be to be afraid of!  People are out of their normal surroundings here and it scares them.  I'm sure if I found myself in a big city surrounded by tons of people I don't know with no idea of where I'm going or what to do next I would be scared.  Maybe not, I kind of like things like that--I made it through the Seattle airport without getting lost and scared, but then I had plenty of time between flights.

I think I saw a dead porcupine on the highway this morning, but didn't stop to look closer....

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Gilbrides said...

I love your blog header picture---so beautiful! It has been so fun keeping up with you and your adventures! I have loved blogging and keeping up with other friends that blog. I'm excited you have joined the blogging community :) LOL

Really though, I have loved reading your facebook statuses. It sounds like you have had so many fun and great adventures. I'm excited to be able to read about them more in-depth now on your blog. Thanks for inviting me to your blog! Best of luck in everything!!!