Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Great Reminder

A footprint on a wall in a ruin on Cedar Mesa.

The Canyon we found it in.

I was busy at first aid training today and went for a walk tonight, but not really hiking, just wandering around the neighborhoods in Moab.  Said hello to some old friends and wandered some more.  I wanted to post something, but didn't have anything specific on my mind.  I found these pictures as I was browsing on my computer (Yes, I took these ones!).  Andrew and I found this ruin on Cedar Mesa.  I looked inside one ruin and found this footprint on a wall.  It made me think of a little kid lying on the ground when the mud was fresh and, placing his (or her) foot into the mud, leaving his (or her) mark on the dwelling.  It was another cool reminder that these ruins and rock art were made by people just like us.  There are several rock art depictions of pregnant women, and near Moab there is a panel of a woman giving birth (or that's the interpretation anyway).  Giving birth in the desert, not in a hospital, in the heat or cold, having ceremonies for that baby and taking care of it--babies back then had the same needs as babies do now!  I just think it's fascinating to think about.

I'm hiking tomorrow so maybe I'll have something more interesting to post but I wanted to share this thought.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Immature Bald Eagle

Yesterday as I was headed to Grand Junction to do some shopping, I saw an immature bald eagle circling above the river looking for fish.  I was on a windy, curvy section of the River Road (Highway 128) but no one was coming behind me so I stopped for a second to watch it.  It was huge!  ...and I was so excited I got goosebumps!  I reached for my phone to share it with someone....anyone....but there's no service on that road and I had to get going.

I did not take this picture, it's from a google image search...sorry!

In Grand Junction, Jennie and I went to the botanical gardens and then walked with her kids to the riverbank and took a short break.  Then we shopped for a while and I headed home.

My last really cool bird sighting was a peregrine falcon (2 times now!) out near the park boundary.  It was flying a little low, looking for rodents.

I'm so happy the snow's almost all gone!!!!