Saturday, February 27, 2010

I will post pictures soon!

I have pictures of Phoenix but haven't posted them yet.  Hopefully next month I will have more, but this time of wildflowers.  It's still cold and snowy here (no snow in Moab, just a lot on the mesa!) and the campground snowman is halfway melted but still standing.

Phoenix was rainy the first day.  It actually stormed on us but the next few days were great.  We went to White Tanks to hike to the waterfall, and then spent some time poking around the desert exploring cactus.  Norm (stepdad) brushed up against a couple cholla...his arm survived but his shoe was another story.  I wonder if they even got all the spines out.  My stepmom tried to take the spines out, got them stuck in her hand.  I took them out of her hand and threw them on the side of the trail.

Anyway I will hopefully post pictures tonight or tomorrow!

I am thinking of goals for the spring (not getting too far yet!) and here are a few: 
  • finish sewing my pajamas
  • start the canvas bag pattern I bought (and spent $20 on fabric for)
  • make some quilted coasters from a really cool design
  • find the articles on potholes I've been looking for
  • find my application for substitute teaching
  • be prepared for my after school club
  • get out a LOT more and see more of Moab!
A few areas I'm ashamed I've not been to yet are: Klondike Bluffs, Salt Valley Road, Murphy Trail and Lathrop Trail (Canyonlands), Druid Arch, Amasa Back, Hurrah Pass, Hell Roaring Canyon and hiking the Slickrock Bike Trail.  I've decided that for my sanity I need to camp more and hike more, and get out here more in general, even if it's hot (don't worry, I drink lots of water!).  There are more areas I need to get to but I'll save those for later!  I'm SO ready for spring, (even though I know winter is important!).


Gilbrides said...

Ouch! Hope they got all the spines out! Hope you had a fun time in Phoenix despite the rain!

Jen said...

Sounds like you have lots of fun plans this spring! My friend Karen is moving down to Moab to be a river guide this summer (she's done this for four or five summers, but I think she took the last year or two off)--you guys should hang out. :) You'd like each other.