Saturday, March 26, 2011

Miles to the Moon

This is just an observation I wanted to share...

I am reading a book called Interpretation for the 21st Century, 15 Guiding Principles.  It gives some examples of interpretive exhibits and text and the one that stood out the most was about the blue whale.  They have the longest migration route of any animal on the planet, roughly 10,000 miles in a year.  During their lifetime, the distance they travel is about equal to the distance to the moon from earth and back.  I thought that was amazing...maybe the moon in my mind was this thing that was too far away to comprehend. 

Here is another observation:

The moon is, on average, 238,857 miles from earth (depending on which source  you use!).  Dave's 1997 Toyota Tacoma has over 200,000 miles on it--not sure the exact mileage, but it's got almost enough miles to have made it from here to the moon!  I have no idea why I find that so fascinating, but I do...

Anyway, just a few random thoughts!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Learning to Mountain Bike...

...with a "jalopy."

My mountain bike is a red, steel, Specialized Rockhopper from the 1980s.  The staff at Rim Cyclry think they had it first and were the original sellers.  I take it there for maintenance on the tires, etc.  The chain probably needs some work but the gears shift and the brakes stop, and that's all I care about.  I've only ridden a "newish" mountain bike once and that was in Washington two summers ago--I only used it for road biking though.  I'm told when I ride a better one, like one with shocks and suspension, I'll fall in love with it and have more confidence when I ride--but the truth is that I love my bike!  I bought it used from a friend in Moab for $100 a few years ago.

Raven caught flying from the bike trail down towards the ranger residences!

That said, I'm barely learning to mountain bike, on some beginner trails.  I learned fast that "beginner" does not mean "easy."  Dave and I rode a moderate trail (Bar M) that was easier than Dead Horse Point's beginner trail, so I'm thinking the ratings could be a little arbitrary...

The other night after work we rode the Great Pyramid Loop part of the Intrepid Trail System at DHP.  It took us a little over an hour, so we got back right after dark.  The trail is fun, with a few technical spots, so I have to walk my bike up ledges and through deep sand.  Dave was left waiting for me a few times but it was worth the time.  It's fun and definitely challenging for me!

Not me or Dave, but someone riding back to the trailhead!

Parts of the trail are slickrock, while other parts are loose sand and hardened surface. (A coworker actually took this picture!)

One of my favorite views from the trail.  There are places to park bikes and walk to overlooks.  Don't want any bikers falling off those cliffs! (Same coworker took this picture too...)

So it's been a great learning experience and we've been dying to get outside more now that the weather is nice.  I love riding my bike anyway, whether it's around town, on an island or on a trail (even a dirt road works!)  Next week we're riding down Gemini Bridges, so I'll try to get pictures of that too!  Happy riding!