Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another snowy day...

I took this picture this morning after I finished shoveling snow.  Yesterday I shoveled everything in the park but it was only an inch or so.  Today is a little different.  I shoved the Point sidewalks while Crystal shoveled the visitor center.  She is sick and my back has been killing me, so we moved pretty slow.  I am tired of the snow (I looked forward to THIS in November...) but last night I found a great use for it--filling plastic bags for ice packs.  My back hurt and I stayed at the park--I forgot any kind of pain killer except magnesium/calcium pills that relax my muscles but make me sleepy too.  I used the ice pack for a while then got in a hot bath, then iced it again and I slept great!  Yesterday I used some sick leave because the night before I only got a few hours of sleep.  The chiropractor keeps saying I'm fixed but I'm really not.  Tried a massage, and tomorrow I am going to another homeopathic-type doctor before I go to a real doctor.  It will be $60, but after all the money I spent on chiropractor and may be worth it.

I am excited to go to Phoenix...not the long drive but the warmer weather.  I heard there may already be wildflowers blooming so I'm taking my camera and computer, and camera charger.  When I went to Washington I forgot the charger so I ended up with many less pictures that I would have otherwise.  Maybe I'll have to go back......we'll see!

Today may not be a productive day at work.  I want to go out and clean before tonight (I'm afraid of the road after it gets and black cows, not a great combo) so I'll do that, maybe vacuum and clean the windows and stock a little.  I've been reading some of the books on our shelves so I can help people buy them....and I'm becomming a fan of Craig Childs.

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Gilbrides said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow. Sorry you had so shovel with a sore back! Hope you are able to get it fixed and feeling better soon---best of luck!