Saturday, June 16, 2012

Loneliest Highway in America

Highway 50 is called the Loneliest Highway in America. I drove it on my trip out to visit Dave when he started his job at the Kirch Wildlife Management Area, about an hour south of Ely, NV. I decided to take the day to drive out there, starting with breakfast in Fallon and continuing through. Highway 50 goes across the middle of the state and follows a lot of the old Pony Express trail. The Pony Express to me is fasinating, even though it only lasted 18 months, from 1860 to 1861. I've got at least two posts covering the Pony Express, so that's all about it for now...except a couple pictures of an old station.

One of my first stops was an area outside of Fallon that had some rock art. I'm hoping to get out there more as soon as I can!

I do miss Moab's rock art, but I'm happy to know that Nevada's got some too!

I missed one Pony Express station outside of Fallon, near Sand Mountain, so I made sure to stop at this one--New Pass Station. I was kind of sad to see it surrounded by chain link fence, but I know it would probably get vandalized if it wasn't protected. There is an old station between Fort Churchill and our region office. I have pictures of it at work, so I'll have to post those soon. It isn't protected with a fence, but it's so remote that to get to it you have to know about it. My previous supervisor pointed it out to me one day and I finally made the trip over to it.

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