Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Questionable Pictures...(ghosts, or just bad lighting?)

So in my previous post I said I'd never seen a ghost, just some questionable pictures. I took some, Louise Murch took some. Here they are! By the way, the "crypt" is a storage area that was used to store bodies from mining accidents during the winter when the ground was frozen...These have pretty much been debunked by our "ghost hunter" friend Fred, but I still think they're interesting....the night we got home and saw these, I was very creeped out, but later I decided that wasn't enough "evidence" and if ghosts really do exists we're better off ignoring each other.

This was taken with my cell phone, towards the doors of the "crypt." The image I was looking at is in the lower left corner on the door.

Orbs, or dust? There is a picture of a man with an orb on the wall....Louise took this one. The "orbs" I meant are below the chairs, to the right.

This one was....interesting....also taken by Louise Murch.

Still, I don't know if I'd pay another $2 to go back in there!

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