Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Old Washoe Club...and our own little ghost story!

This place is creepy! Whether it's haunted or's definitely cold and sooooo creepy in there! Louise and I are not real believers in ghosts, or easily "creeped out," but we both admitted to each other that we were scared in there and it was totally time to leave!

Back in the day, the Old Washoe Club used to be the Millionaire's Club. The upstairs was for an elite group of the few rich people in Virginia City. They were gamblers...and there was a lot of violence at the time. Murders were so common that only two people were ever hung for committing the crime. There was a secret staircase for club members to leave and come back without being seen...or for women to come and go without being seen! One of the most common ghost stories I've read is that the ghost of a woman (in a blue dress?) stands at the top of the stairs and pushes people back down. I can't help wondering if that's why the public isn't allowed upstairs anymore! (But logic says that it's an old run-down building...and the one staircase I did get to see looked so flimsy I don't know if I would dare climb it if I had the chance!)

Ghost Adventures (TV show) has been there twice and I think they're about to air a new episode of a 3rd visit. We just re-watched the 2nd visit--I've never seen the first and don't even know if it's an episode they had on the air. Anyway, if you go into the Old Washoe Club, you have to either buy a drink or pay $2. Inside there is a whole display case dedicated to the Ghost Adventures crew. Of course, they have Zach's shirt (the cute one), some of their equipment used and pictures taken. They play GA episodes on the TV and the other screens show other investigations where they've gotten things on camera.

The Spiral Staircase is the highlight (or it was for me). Like I said it looks totally flimsy and I would be scared to climb it! ...even if there weren't someone waiting at the top to push me back down! I didn't take this picture, couldn't find the one I did take, so I just did a google image search for the Old Washoe Club Spiral Staircase.

We were walking around in the museum area and Louise kept going back into the "crypt" for more pictures--she was curious because her camera kept being weird on her....I would have preferred to go back out into the bar section and look around...I went in with her because I wouldn't have wanted to go in there alone, curiousity or not!

As we walked back through the museum into the bar area, she stopped in front of the women's restroom and grabbed my arm--hard. "Kim! Look!" I looked into the bathroom and one of the curtains pulled in front of the toilet was moving--shaking and I kept hearing whistling. I asked Louise if she heard it and she said no, but later she told me she'd been lying and heard it, but wanted me to think she didn't!

Anyway, we were both standing there, staring at the curtain....staring....staring....I said, "It's got to be a draft." The curtain stopped moving. We looked at each other, then back at the curtain, and all this time the whistling's continuing. I'm thinking, "I hope she moves the curtain, because it's not gonna be me!" She was hoping I'd do it, when suddenly the curtain jerks back and a guy, about my age, jumps out, "booo!" I'm like, "YOU JERK!" We all burst out laughing--he and his girlfriend had come in with us and we thought they left while we were in the "crypt." The woman went back to the bar and the guy came back to hide in the bathroom. He had to have been there a while, because we kept going back for pictures...and he said he was about ready to leave--he was getting really scared in there waiting for us! (The women's room is also supposed to be haunted...along with the rest of the place.)

As we were all walking out, I looked at the guy and said, "There's no way I'd ever use that bathroom!" He said, "No way! Can you imagine...."

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Patricia K. Lichen said...

Out here in western Oregon, the town of Oregon City has it's own Trail's End Paranormal Society that will come to your spooky ol' house to investigate. Some folks believe there are a lot of ghosts in this historic town.