Sunday, August 21, 2011

Desert Rainstorms

I love thunderstorms! Especially when they keep going...the park today was surrounded by lots of individual thunderstorm cells that took turns hitting us. I am out in the entrance station, right out on the mesa top, in the middle of the action! I was treated to lots of good thunder and lightning and lots of rain--hard rain, like horizontal rain. Shortly after it stopped, I got a call from my boss letting me know the visitor center flooded (again) but they had it taken care of. She wanted to know about the condition of the entrance wasn't flooded but for a while I got quite a show!

After the storm, I looked out the window...

It definitely cooled things off here! I cleaned today and it was very hot! It was a little humid too, because of the building storm so that added to the heat. Now it's calm, quiet and I am taking more pictures of the sunset!


Gilbrides said...

Gorgeous pictures! I LOVE thunderstorms. There is just something that I enjoy so much about the excitement of the lightening and thunder and the sound of the rain falling all around and I ABSOLUTELY love the smell of rain and the wet ground. LOVE IT!!

Jen said...

Your photos are beautiful! I LOVE thunderstorms!! I wish we had them up here!

Patricia Lichen said...

Oh yeah, there's nothing like being in midst of a big ol' booming thunderstorm! So big you just have to stop and pay attention.

Those are great, B-I-G rainbow shots!

--Patricia Lichen