Friday, January 15, 2010

New to Blogging....but it sounded like fun.

Ok, I got the idea to start a blog from watching the movie Julie&Julia.  It sounded like fun and it looks like a lot of my friends have blogs too.  So I thought I'd try it, and see if I can actually be faithful to my blog and post things when I have something to write.  I live in Utah in the desert and love this place.  It's very cold and snowy right now and looks awesome with snow on the red rocks.  I am looking forward to spring.  I have a project in mind for fun and work possibly.  I've always been fascinated with potholes.  Not the kind in the road, the ones hollowed out of the rocks by wind and rain and, when full of water, are full of aquatic animals including amphibians.
I am sitting at Eddie McStiffs listening to Gigi Love sing and wasting time on the internet.  I was going to upload pictures to the internet but the computer connection is slow or something, and it's not cooperating.  Luckily for me there is enough connection to post a blog.  Lucky family and friends too! (haha, not!)
So today at work.......just kidding, it's not going to be a daily blog about work, unless something really cool happens, like the bear in the campground (that doesn't belong here) and the golden eagle release that was great to watch. If I figure out how to post pictures I'll post one of each here.  Also funny tourist questions and comments will be game, if they're funny enough to share.
I'm going for now...have fun!

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