Saturday, January 23, 2010

Early Morning

On the way to work this morning I saw a very cool shooting star.  There was some light in the east, just before sunrise and I saw a large, green ball of light that looked pretty low in the sky falling from east to west.  I was listening to a new favorite song by Josh Groban--"Weeping" and slowed way down to watch it.  Last time I saw something like that I was watching it so closely I didn't notice there were mule deer in the road and had to stop very fast!  I didn't hit any of them but it taught me to still pay attention to my driving.

The skies here are so clear we have a great view of the night sky.  Once in a while I see shooting stars (or meteorites...but I prefer shooting stars) and we can see the Space Station.  On a full moon night you can see the reflection of the moon in the Colorado River, 2000 feet below the park.

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