Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Carson River Photos

I live next to the Walker River, and work beside the Carson River. None of the rivers inside the Great Basin flow out to the sea. Most of them evaporate in sinks. The Carson River is no different. It starts up in the Sierra Nevada in Alpine County, CA and 184 miles later ends in the Carson Sink close to Fallon, NV. One place I really want to visit is the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge. It's not that far away at all, but I've never managed to get there...yet! It's a wetland area branching off from the Carson River, close to where it ends.

I walked around one of the trails at Fort Churchill last night before it got dark and got some pictures of the river...

Railroad bridge above the river...

Just a few months ago the river was completely dry. It didn't start flowing again until the end of October and finally these last few days with rain and snow have added some water!
Looking back toward the Fort from the Carson River Ranches.

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