Friday, October 12, 2012

Sunset at Mason Valley WMA

On the way home from the store, I saw a coyote running down the dirt road between the houses. The sunset was so pretty, I decided to get my glass of wine (this time in a plastic cup) and walk to the bridge over the Walker River to watch. I saw raccoon tracks and heard turkeys, flickers, lots of other birds, frogs and bugs chirpping. I also saw a heron sitting on a piece of irrigation equipment and a spider working on its web.

I don't think they show up in the picture but in the center on the left there are four deer watching me while I watch the sunset. This is the Walker River that runs through Mason Valley.
....and this is the sunset from the bridge. Not bad for a 5-minute walk!
I spent most of the day in Reno so it was great to be outside relaxing after all that!

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Jen said...

Your photos are always so pretty!! I'm glad you're loving where you're living. :)