Tuesday, December 27, 2011

San Rafael Park near Reno

This park is just outside Reno. We needed some exercise and to get out and walk around, so we stopped here and got some amazing fall colors! The Wilbur D. May Museum was closed for its winter hours so we didn't get to see it. I think we're headed over there again tomorrow. What I really want to see is the Nevada State Museum, but that will take at least a few hours. I went to the Nevada Museum Association's annual conference with a couple co-workers so I got to walk around the museum a little bit but I want to go back for the whole thing. There will definitely be pictures of that on here!


We got there I think at the perfect time of year! It was warm and sunny and felt like fall.

More fall colors...

Fun little interpretive trail with old mining equipment

Stellar's Jay!


Galadriel said...

What beautiful photos!

Jen said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad I can live vicariously through you and see all these awesome places!

Gilbrides said...

LOVE all the colors on the trees, so pretty!