Monday, January 10, 2011

New Cottage

This is the "cottage" I just moved into!  It's got tons of trees, a big yard with a garden and a storage shed in the back that's almost as big as the "cottage" itself!  It's all one space, with the kitchen, living room and bedroom all together.  The bathroom has a door of course, and the bedroom is in its own corner so that helps, plus I can add a curtain or divider for a little more privacy!  My cat also moved in.  She likes it, but she'll be even happier when she gets to go outside in the spring.  Due to the lack of bed, she had to be creative in finding her own hidey-hole.  It's now either the closet behind the clothes or between the couch and the heater.

We decorated it up really nice.  Took my old landlord's couch, entertainment center, coffee table, dishes, silverware and decorations.  Ordered a bed and a kitchen table with chairs so soon there will be some furniture in there.  I'm taking my sewing class again this winter and will hopefully be making some curtains.  The carpet is dark green and the walls are on the yellow/off white side, so I think they should be maybe sage green.  The kitchen curtains should be a little brighter with a Southwestern design to go with the other kitchen decorations I think.

Here is the "living room."

Sorry for the dark, bad picture.  My phone isn't the best camera but it works.  There's also not a lot of light in there, which is both good and bad.  The only thing I would really change is the kitchen stove.  I'm so used to gas stoves and I think they are easier to cook with because you can see how high the flame is.  Electric stays hot longer and I tend to either burn things or boil them over.  I'll have to get used to it and do some more experimenting.  Our next recipe to try is going to be Pho--a Vietnamese noodle/broth dish so that may be the real test.  I've also got stuff to make Miso soup--Japanese.  We made egg rolls one night and ended up burning those--too hot of oil, and the oil was old.....

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Jen said...

Cute! It's looking really good! :)