Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Wildlife Camera Pictures

The wildlife camera has been out for about two weeks.  We decided the less human visitation the better.  We ended up getting about 30 pictures, but I'm going to only add my favorites.  Last post was the kit fox.  This one will have mule deer and a black-tailed jackrabbit.  My absolute FAVORITE picture is the deer sniffing the camera; it's amazing!  The camera is set in a quiet area of the park where people don't normally go.  There is a historic cable site and lots of potholes with water in them for wildlife.  We noticed lots of deer and bighorn sheep footprints in one area, so this is where we set up the camera.  I'm excited to someday get a bobcat, mountain lion or bighorn sheep picture.  There are lots of prey species in the area so it's possible!!

"You smell funny."

Another of my favorites.  They look so peaceful!

Another close-up picture.

This was taken at dusk.  The camera takes infrared pictures, and was set at its highest quality.  I love watching deer, they're so peaceful and quiet wandering around grazing.  They're also very curious, as you can tell.

Black-tailed Jackrabbit hoping an owl doesn't swoop down.  It also has to look out for kit fox and coyotes.  The kit fox picture was taken in a different area of the park, near the group site.  They are also seen at the campground and Neck, near Dead Horse Point.

That's it for today!  Hopefully we'll have more pictures soon!  It's been really nice out and we've had pretty calm weather, except for today and the rest of this weekend it will snow/rain.  These days we don't get many visitors, even on a Saturday, so we can get some work done.  I've got grants to write and an article for the Moab Happenings due I should get to work!


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