Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sonoran Desert Wildflowers and More!

When I started this blog I imagined myself being a lot more faithful to it than I actually am.  Anyway, here are the pictures and some details from my last two trips to Arizona!  The first time this year I went down was to visit my family--step parents and aunt and uncle from Anacortes, WA.  We went for some hikes and played a lot of cards.  The second time was in April and it was to see the desert wildflowers and visit the botanical gardens with my friend Arran from Canada.  She's as much into plants as I am so we had a great time!  We actually spent the entire day at the botanical gardens!

The family hiking in White Tanks recreational area.  We hiked the Waterfall Trail. It had just rained so it was great to see so much water in that area.

Isn't this awesome scenery?  I love the saguaros and chollas!

California poppy

Fairy duster

Arran stopping to smell the flowers.

Dove nesting in a saguaro.

I love this sign.  I've been fascinated with flowers for the longest time.  I love that they're only here for a little while, then they produce seeds to create the next generation of plants and flowers.  Maybe my next post will be on the wildflowers of this area...or my latest trip to the Needles where we saw all kinds of flowers and very cool rock formations.

Desert spiny lizard.  I followed it until it stopped long enough for me to take a picture.

So I know it's only 8 pictures of two very different, scenery and plant-filled trips but I didn't want to go on too long.  As soon as I download pictures from the Needles I'll post that trip as well.  I've got some half-days coming up at work too so maybe I'll get out into the Island in the Sky area more and have something to say about that!

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